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• Bed, study table, chair, almirah, cooler, fan, tube light, intercom
• All rooms are double seated and cross-ventilated
• Standby power supply
• 24 Hrs water supply - RO system
• Mess facility
• TV and Internet facility
• Parking space for 2-wheeler
• 24Hr Security
• Laundry facility

Term & Conditions

Security paid by the student at the time of admission will be refunded on vacation (post June/May) after realizing dues or any damage/breakage cost.

  1. Playing of radio or TV, use of heater, room convector, emersion rods and ironing etc are strictly prohibited inside the room /premises of the hostel. Non-compliance of this will result in monetary fine/confiscation/immediate eviction from the hostel.
  2. Any damage to the hostel property shall gave to be paid in cash individually or the group responsible or jointly by all the hosteller.
  3. Parent(s)/Guardian is not allowed to go inside the room of their war
    d. They can meet their ward in the office of the hostel. Night stay in the hostel for the parents/guardian/visitors is strictly prohibited.
  4. Cooking in the room is strictly prohibited.
  5. Student/hosteller will be personally responsible for the proper upkeep of their respective rooms, furniture, fittings bathrooms and hostel property in their use. Any damage to these will be rectified at the student’s cost.
  6. Students are prohibited from defacing the rooms/premises of hostel by writing/printing/painting/ putting up posters on walls. The defaulters will be liable for disciplinary action.
  7. The students are expected to economize the use of electricity, water, meals etc. Any student indulging in wastage of utility will be charged for misuse up to amount wasted.
  8. The Management reserves the right to inspect the room by the hostel in charge/warden as and when required.
  9. The Management reserves the all right s of admission.
  10. Any hosteller if found guilty of misconduct, breach of rules or showing disrespect to the authorities shall l immediately be expelled from the hostel without any notice. The action of hostel authorities shall be final and binding on the students and parents and no refund will be made for hostel fee and security deposit in such cases.
  11. The in charge/warden’s decision regarding fine shall be final & binding on all the hostellers.
  12. If a student/hosteller becomes disinterested or fails to stay in the hostel due to any reason whatsoever in between the said period, in such cases hostel fee and security deposit once deposited will not be refunded under any circumstances.
  13. The hostel Management takes no responsibility for the personal belongings of the students/hosteller and any student keeping cash or valuable in his/her room will be doing so at his/her own risk.
  14. Hostel mess is compulsory for all students/hosteller.
  15. Boarders are required to be within the hostel premises by 10 p.m. after which the hostel gate will be closed.
  16. Permission of the in charge/warden has to be obtained by the student wishing to stay out late. On weekends permitted time up to 11.00 p.m only. Students proposing to spend the night out will inform the hostel warden/in charge in writing with concurrence of local guardian a day before, giving the address and telephone number where they can be contacted in case of emergency, They will also report to the warden/in charge on their return.
  17. Any hosteller staying out overnight without intimating the authority will be referred to his/her parents.
  18. Consumption of drugs/Alcohol/Intoxicants/Smoking/Chewing of gutka and spiting on the walls is strictly prohibited in the hostel premises. Anyone found doing such things would be liable to face disciplinary action that may include expulsion from the hostel.
  19. Gambling is strictly prohibited in the hostel.
  20. Boarders are prohibited in engaging hostel servant or outsiders to do their personal work in the hostel.
  21. Strict silence shall be observed from 11.00p.m to 6.00a.m in the hostel.
  22. Boarders/hostellers who contravene any of the hostel rules including conduct and mess rules or create nuisance, trouble or problems for the management or the other students/hostellers ate liable to have their allotment terminated without notice.
  23. No firearms, weapons or potentially dangerous instruments are permitted inside the hostel.
  24. Any change of address/phone no should be notified to the office without delay.
  25. Since guard is on duty in the hostel his report on indiscipline /misconduct on the p art of hostellers will be deemed proper and cognizance will e taken on the basis of his report.
  26. In case of any personal injury suffered/loss/damage of personal belongings of the hostellers due to reason beyond the control of the hostel, viz. Fire/earthquake/heavy rains/other natural calamities, the hostel will not be liable for paying any compensation.
  27. No boy student shall visit girl’s hostel or vice versa.
  28. Hostel charges are subject to revision without prior notice.
  29. Students are advised to resist from indulging in ragging. The act of inhuman form of ragging, violating the civil code of conduct will be a criminal offence attracting penal action. Anyone indulging in inhuman ragging will be dealt with severely. If anybody is found committing this offence, he/she will be asked to leave hostel immediately as a minimum punishment.
  30. All the Parents/guardians are requested to make telephone calls on landline of hostel to their wards only between8.00a.m. To 11.00 p.m.
  31. Any case of illness must be reported immediately o the hostel warden. If necessary, the sick students will be sent to the hospital at the d discretion of the hostel warden. All expenses including transport charges incurred on medical assistance given to the ailing students will be borne by the student himself/herself or his/her guardian.
  32. Students are required to bring the following articles with them for their personal use:
    • Bed Sheets,
    • Pillow,
    • Blankets and
    • Water container & glass
  33. All are required to be within the hostel premises by 10.00 p.m for attendance.
  34. Complaints, suggestions of any nature are welcome to be put up by the students in writing to the warden.
  35. In case of any dispute, arising out of present terms & conditions, same shall be referred to the sole arbitrator to be appointed by the authority of Rajhans Hostels Ltd. The seat of arbitrator will be at Delhi only. In any case if any matter has to go to the court, only a Delhi based court shall have jurisdiction to decide such matters.